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Fomo trays

FOMO TRAYS Fomo Fast Food Trays are mainly used for food storage in restaurants, takeaways, bakeries as well as in supermarkets and the catering industry. Fomo Fast Food Trays offer you a convenient way to store and carry your food. These Fomo Fast Food Trays or Fast Food Boxes have hinged lids and will retain heat and come in a...

Polystyrene Trays

Polystyrene Trays Polystyrene trays are used for fresh packaging of meat, fruit and vegetables and various other application such as front store deli packaging. The trays are ideal for pre-packaging and supermarket display. they can also be used for manual packaging as well as automatic wrapping machines.
3-comp H-Lid Foam Shallow Container_0

Fast Food Packaging

Fast Food Packaging Our trays work as disposable food packaging for various foods and beverages, such as processed instant noodles, raw meat from supermarkets, ice cream from ice cream parlours, cooked food from delicatessens or food stalls, or beverages like "coffee to go". They are also commonly used to serve takeout food from restaurants and are also available by...

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