Trusted Manufacturer of Food Packaging Materials

African Star Pac offers offers you the best packing solution, adapted to your design and requirements. Product preservation & longer shelf life are our goals! 

Fomo Trays

Fomo Fast Food Trays are mainly used for food storage in restaurants, takeaways, bakeries as well as in supermarkets and the catering industry. Our are durable and of good quality offering you a convenient way to store and carry your food.

Polystyrene Trays

Polystyrene trays are used for fresh packaging of meat, fruit and vegetables and various other application such as front store deli packaging. Offering sturdiness and function at economical prices, our trays will suit your many needs.

Fast Food Packaging

Our trays work as disposable food packaging for various foods and beverages, such as processed instant noodles, raw meat from supermarkets, ice cream from ice cream parlours, cooked food from delicatessens or food stalls, or beverages like "coffee to go".

PVC cling film

Premium Food Grade Quality: Our PVC cling film is specifically designed for food contact, adhering to the highest safety and quality standards. It's free from harmful chemicals and additives, ensuring your food remains untainted.Available in various lengths and sizes.

Plastic clear cups 250ml (PP)

Whether you're a distributor or business owner looking to enhance your beverage service or expand your service offering, our 250ml Plastic Clear Cups (PP) - 10 packs of 50 cups in a box ; are your go-to choice. Their combination of clarity, durability, and convenience ensures they'll be the perfect companion for any occasion.

Plastic White Dessert Spoons (PP)

Enhance the way you enjoy your favorite desserts with our Plastic White Dessert Spoons (PP) Packed in 100's . Whether you're a dessert aficionado or a dessert service professional, these spoons are designed to meet your needs. Make a lasting impression customers with our elegant and reliable dessert spoons.

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